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Episode 28 – Pokémon Fashion Flash

Episode Summary
The group continue their travels and come to Scissor Street where there are many salons for Pokémon. They first see one where they try to dress up the Pokémon to look flashy. It is run by Team Rocket except no one knows that. They then come upon what Brock was searching for, a salon run by the fabulous Suzy of Scissor Street. Suzy tries to bring out a Pokémon’s inner beauty rather then dress it up. Misty leaves in favor of Rocket’s salon because she wants to get Psyduck made up. Meanwhile, Suzy holds a Pokémon breeding seminar and...
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Episode 27 – Hypno’s Naptime

Episode Summary
The group enters Hop Hop Hop Town just as children are disappearing in the town. They go to the Pokémon Center and notice the Pokémon are not feeling well. Officer Jenny soon picks up sleep waves on her radio. They track the source to a huge mansion on the top of a building where inside a Hypno and a Drowzee are sitting on a table. The people there have been using Hypno as a sleep aid and this has been generating sleep waves that was sapping the energy of the Pokémon in the center. Misty takes a look and starts acting like a Seel. Misty...
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Episode 26 – Pokémon Scent-sation!

Episode Summary
As the group arrive in Celadon City, the first thing they notice is the smell. Misty enters a perfume shop and tries out some of the perfume offered. Ash tries to stop her because he feels it is a waste of money. He is thrown out of the shop and goes to the Celadon gym. He is refused there because they won’t let anyone in who doesn’t like perfume. Jessie and James later break in to steal Pokémon. They are chased out as well. Jessie and James offer to help Ash get in the gym if he would untie them from the tree they were hanging...
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Episode 25 – Primeape Goes Bananas

Episode Summary
Ash contacts Professor Oak to let him know that he now has four badges. Oak tells Ash that all his other rivals already have five. Just as Ash is making plans to go to Celadon City, they encounter a Mankey. Brock gives Mankey a donut to eat and just as they are watching Mankey eat the donut, Ash throws a Pokéball at Mankey. Ash gets it back to find he has caught the donut. Mankey starts chasing them. Brock tries to distract it with another donut, but it doesn’t work. Eventually, Mankey steals Ash’s hat which was an official Pokémon...
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Episode 24 – Haunter Versus Kadabra

Episode Summary
Ash and the group go back to Saffron City ready to try again for the Marsh badge in the gym. Ash asks Haunter for help to defeat Sabrina and Haunter agrees. When they arrive at the gym, Haunter has disappeared. Sabrina turns Brock and Misty into dolls and the mysterious man who turns out to be Sabrina’s father saves Ash and Pikachu. Later on, Ash finds Haunter having ruined another plan of Team Rockets’ and Ash goes back to the gym. Haunter disappears again and this time Sabrina won’t let them leave. Pikachu agrees to fight anyway...
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Episode 23 – The Tower of Terror

Episode Summary
On their way to Lavender Town, the woods suddenly become foggy. The group fight a bit and arrive at the ghost tower. They hear screaming from the tower and are afraid to go in. They eventually go in and see the place by Charmander’s fire. Brock and Misty leave the place because they are scared by a trick the ghosts played and leave Ash and his Pokémon to explore the place alone. They meet Haunter who Charmander starts to battle, it then makes a funny face causing Haunter to laugh. Charmander is licked and Ash calls him back. Haunter...
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