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 Episode 31 – Dig Those Diglett

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Episode 31 – Dig Those Diglett Empty
PostEpisode 31 – Dig Those Diglett

Episode 31 – Dig Those Diglett

Episode Summary
On their way to Fuschia City, the group notices a great explosion. They find out that a dam is being built, but they cannot get supplies through because the Diglett are stopping them. Gary arrives with his girls and buses full of other Pokémon trainers to get rid of the Diglett. None of the Pokémon will leave their balls, because they don’t want to fight the Diglett. The Diglett are trying to keep the dam builders from destroying the forest they live in. Pikachu shows Ash and the group this and then the builder realizes this, too. He then decides to cancel the dam project. Team Rocket arrive on the scene with their newly evolved Weezing and Arbok. They battle and they lose as usual. The group then continues on their way to Fuschia City.

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Episode 31 – Dig Those Diglett

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