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 Episode 103 – Get Along, Little Pokémon

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Episode 103 – Get Along, Little Pokémon Empty
PostEpisode 103 – Get Along, Little Pokémon

Episode 103 – Get Along, Little Pokémon

Episode Summary
Ash’s group continuing on toward Trovita island find themselves tiring from the long walk. A storm approaches and they head for cover, having to help Misty because she can barely move. They spot several Magnemite absorbing the electricity of the storm. They meet a guy named Ethan who explains about his Magnemite who gather up electricity from the storms to help out towns that are experiencing power failures. The number 6 Magnemite often strays from the group and Ethan’s Jolteon has to bring it back. There is a town that is left without power and it is up to Ash to bring the Magnemite to the town to provide it. On the way, Ash is stopped by none other than Team Rocket. By generating electricity by rubbing themselves very fast, they draw the Magnemite towards themselves and into their net. Pikachu helps to bring back the Magnemite and then in helping Pikachu, Magnemite number 6 evolves into a Magneton defeating Team Rocket. Ethan, Misty and Tracey arrive at the town to see that power has been restored, all thanks to Ash and the Magnemite.

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Episode 103 – Get Along, Little Pokémon

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