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 Episode 29 – The Punchy Pokémon

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Episode 29 – The Punchy Pokémon Empty
PostEpisode 29 – The Punchy Pokémon

Episode 29 – The Punchy Pokémon

Episode Summary
Continuing on their journey, they encounter a Hitmonchan on the road. Ash believes it is wild and sends Pikachu after it. Pikachu gets a rocket punch on Hitmonchan and its trainer comes out to coach it. Pikachu is defeated and the man leaves to train in the gym. The man’s daughter asks the group if they would beat Hitmonchan in the P-1 Grand Prix, which is the match he is competing in. Brock agrees for the others and they go. Jessie and James notice a poster for the match and they want to participate. They steal a Hitmonlee from a tall man who was going to be part of the match and they take his place. The first match is Ash’s Primeape against a Machop. Machop tosses Primeape out of the ring and Ash dives to save it. From then on, they were friends and Primeape got back in the ring and won. The matches continued on until it was Team Rocket with Hitmonlee against the man’s Hitmonchan. Team Rocket cheats to win by sticking glue through the bottom to stick Hitmonchan and the man’s daughter rushes out to save it. The man in turn rushes out to save his daughter and he forfeits the match. The matches continue on until Ash’s Primeape wins the title because Pikachu stopped Team Rocket from cheating again. Ash leaves Primeape with the man because the man promises to train it into a real P-1 champion. The group then continue on their way.

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Episode 29 – The Punchy Pokémon

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