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 Episode 42 – Showdown At Dark City

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Episode 42 – Showdown At Dark City Empty
PostEpisode 42 – Showdown At Dark City

Episode 42 – Showdown At Dark City

Episode Summary
The group now arrives in Dark City. In this city, everyone hates Pokémon trainers because there are two main unofficial gyms in the city trying to beat each other out so they can be the official gym of Dark City. They soon discover that both of the main Pokémon at each gym get enraged at the color red. They dump ketchup on the two gym leaders and their Pokémon start chasing them. They get madder at the group who played the trick, but they have lightning rods set up and Pikachu attacks them with the lightning rods to gain additional electricity. Nurse Joy then shows up because she is the inspector for the Pokémon League and won’t let either of them be official gyms unless they start acting better. They agree and rebuild the city from the destruction they caused.

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Episode 42 – Showdown At Dark City

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