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Littleroot Town, the big departure

That's it! Here you are in a whole new adventure begins now: Pokémon Emerald !
The guide is an updated guide Ruby and Sapphire, it's normal that it is very close in the texts. Just the images vary.

In short, the game begins.

After the traditional short introduction asking for your gender and your name (this time by Prof. Birch), you arrive by truck at home.
Your mother's collection, presents the scene and asks you to go upstairs to set the time.
Look at your clock in your room, then set it (press A when done).

Once you set the time and that your mother has spoken, go to the PC and remove the Potion in it (always useful).

Go down, then after a short interview with the TV, go directly to the house next door (Prof. Birch is not in his lab).

In this house, go to the floor:
You find your Rival Pokéballs owned (which is a boy named Brice if you are a girl or a girl named Flora if you're a boy), and that triggers a sensational finish thinking you want to steal his Pokéballs!

He forgives you and tells you that Prof. Birch went outside the village to capture Pokémon ...

Route 101, the first steps outside

There, a girl tells you that he heard screams from outside, and you should go and see what happens.

Indeed, Prof. Birch is attacked by a Zigzagoon !
Go rummage in her purse to take a Poké Ball !

You get to three starting Pokemon. Choose your favorite:

#001 (252)
Treecko , a plant Lizard (plant type)
Easy mode

#004 (255)
, a fire Chick (Fire type)
Normal mode

#007 (258)
, a water Salamender (water type)
Hard mode

Its advantage: It will be rather useful at the beginning (for the first arenas, rock and lightning) ...
It is quite similar to the Bulbasaur / Chikorita.

Default: His lack of defense will ask problem!

Its advantage: It will be effective against insects and plant Pokémon encountered early in the game, and generally effective at the beginning of the game

Only drawback: It will not be effective against the first arena.

Its advantage: Very useful at first, against the first ring ... Water Pokémon are the best in general, when one reaches the end of game!

Default: Rather weak against Lightning and plant types, widely used in R / S.

As always, the three are well worth once reached their final form.
This is rather a matter of taste.
But know that Mudkip is for beginners and Torchic for experts.

After biting a Pokémon to Prof. Birch, attack the Zigzagoon.
You should not have difficulties to beat.

Once rid of this nuisance, you arrive in the lab of Prof. Birch, which offers you the Pokemon you selected and asks you to pick up your Rival located north of Oldale Town, specifically Route 103.

Go ahead, the adventure has just begun!

Route 101, the first steps outside (suite)

Nothing to report on this route.
However, I advise you to train your Pokémon from one or two levels if possible.
Indeed, you will soon play your first real battle against your rival trainer.
These early struggles are very important!

Oldale Town, introduction to basic principles

If you are trained, do not forget to go to the Pokemon Center.
These new centers have a red roof, easily recognizable.

If you want something free, it does not fail to see the lady with a white apron to the left of the house brown (see picture).
It gives you a Potion.

Nothing else to do here, go directly Route 103.

Route 103, debut of rivalry

The Pokemon are generally of a level somewhat higher than on the Route 101.
So enjoy it to mount a small level (the ideal is to be level 8 by facing the Rival)

Speak to your rival at the top of the road, then the Pokemon battle (which will be the type to which you are weak).
If you followed my instructions, it should not be any problems.
If you would still find it difficult to confront, remember that you have 2 Potions !

Once defeated the rival asks you to follow him to Littleroot Town, to review Prof. Birch, that has supposedly something for you.

You pass by Oldale Town, then take the opportunity to treat you if you have any doubt!

Littleroot Town, the return

Once back in his old village, go to the lab of Prof. Birch.

This gives you an effective tool: the famous Pokédex !
Moreover, your Rival offers to help some Poké Balls

Now you are ready for adventure.
Before leaving the city, your mother calls you to give you the Running Shoes
To jog, just press B !

Farewell finished, your adventure begins at last!
Now you must go to Petalburg City gym to see your father, the new Champion.

Route 101, the first catch

Here is the perfect spot to test your ideal new Poké Balls !

Try to capture at least one Pokémon on this route.

Then go through Oldale Town Oldale Town, heal yourself if needed, then go directly west of the city.
You get to Route 102 !

Route 102, the first matches!

This is the place to get some experience for your starter, or possibly your second Pokémon (if you caught one).
Remember to take the berries on the way (it is always useful!).

his should not pose major problems to cross the Route 102.

Petalburg City, the meeting with Father:

In this city, history will treat you to give you your emotions, then go to the gym to meet your father!

He receives at the same time visiting a trainer starting out, Timmy, not knowing capture Pokémon.
The opportunity to learn a little more, yeah ...

It captures a Pokemon (it succeeds every time!), then returns to the arena with you.

Your father congratulated him, then asks you to collect 4 badges and come back to see it.


Coming out of Petalburg City, a strange man comes to speak about a theme park where Pokémon trainers are the visitors.
This is another project and is looking for trainers to test it.

One destination awaits you for your first badge:
Rustboro City !
Nothing else to do here, go west.

Route 104

Now, you need to get your first badge at Rostoboro Ciry Gym.
To do this, you need to go through Route 104, then by the Clementi Woods for Route 104 out again toward the city.

Apart from a few battles, you will not find anything interesting on Route 104 (at least on this first part).
Do not forget the berries ... It can be used!

Petalburg Woods

This forest is not very difficult to cross ... Only a few trainers there, apparently.
This place is reserved exclusively for the capture!
Do not hesitate then to go on the right to fall back on a path on Route 104 and offering a Poké Ball !

Advancing a little more, you'll come across a man looking for a Pokemon named "Shroomish"... From there, a member of Team Aqua / Magma will attack you.

The fight may cut short: the Pokémon is low (level 9 Poochyena).
After this little struggle, the man gives you a Great Ball as thanks.
Continue north, you arrive on the rest of Route 104

Route 104 (continued) - Discovery of new principles

First novel: In the flower shop (at the exit of the Petalburg Woods), a lady you bring the Wailmer Pail, which will grow more quickly by spraying Berries.
Remember this shop over to a hidden potion.

Continue east.

Second new: After two small fights, stand on the bridge and talk to two girls.
Make sure you have two Pokemon in your team! This is your first fight 2 against 2 !
If your Pokemon are well trained, this should not cause major problems.

Continue north: You get to Rostoboro City.

Rostoboro City - City of Champion No. 1 (Badge 1 / 8)

The first thing to do in this city: Digging!

- In the first large building at the entrance, a little boy on the first floor will give you an Honor Ball

- At school, the teacher will give you Quick Claw (attached to a Pokemon to increase the chances of initiative in combat).


La HM CUT (01)

- In the house left of the Pokemon Center, the man sitting will give you the first HM : CUT(HM01) !

The second thing to do here is to go to the arena to get your first badge!
A Pokémon or Water Plant would be welcome to beat the Champion ...
Indeed: it has Rock Pokémon.
Here, your starter would be very comfortable dealing with such opponents if he was level 20 (is better), with attacks effective against Rock Pokémon ...

Roxanne (Stone Badge)


1500 et TM39 Rock Tomb

Once the first badge in his pocket, get out of the gym.
The man you met earlier in the Petalburg Woods will be attacked again and this time, the Pack is stolen.

Go to the Pokemon Center you care, then continue your way north-east, on Route 116.Things will start to get complicated!

Route 116 - Team Aqua made his own!

Proceed on this road ... Try to capture a Pokemon able to use the HM01 Cut!

Apart from a few items and some cheap trainers, nothing very interesting on this Route 116.
Go straight at the far end where  an old man asks you to find the PIKO, which is actually the nickname of his Wingull.

Enter the Rusturf Tunnel.

Rusturf Tunnel

At the entrance you will find a Poké Ball (always useful).
Go to the end of this Rusturf Tunnel ... You're back face to face with the Team Aqua / Magma!
This time, they took in hostage PIKO and the Devon Pack !
It is time to settle the account of this lascard.
Still nothing too hard, it has only a small Poochyena level 11!

After this little battle (too) easy, it makes you all that he stole and fled.
Mr.Marco, the old man, finds his PIKO and accord you a favor for helping him.
He will want to take you by boat in the various cities regarding the seas of the western world.

Return to Rustboro City by where you came.

Rustboro City - Continued from Quest

Give the goods to the employee DEVON SARL, and it will give you a Great Ball back in return and take you to the president of Devon Ltd on the top floor of the company!

It gives you a letter that you will give to Steven who lives at Dewford Town ...
In addition, for your courage, it gives you a Pokémon Navigator (PokéNav), which will serve you better find and have lots of extra info!

Mr. Stone also ask you to take the DevonPack to a scientist living in Slateport City, more commonly called Capt. Stern...
Now walk away to the south, through the Rustoboro Woods, then you get on Route 104.

At the exit you will find a scientist that you will update your PokéNaV in phone.
So you can keep in touch with everyone in case of problems!


Route 104 and Mr. Marco House

Enter the only house in this road (with a boat next to it), then try to block Mr. Marco chasing his little Pokémon!
It offers you to go directly to Dewford Town... That's good, that's when you had to go!

Dewford Town - City of Champion No. 2 (Badge 2 / 8)

After this little boat trip, here you are in Dewford Town.
Here you will find an arena ... Before going to deliver the letter to Steven, take the opportunity to enter the arena and try to defeat Brawly, the second Champion!

This arena is fairly simple to beat.
You will need Psy or Flying Pokémon to achieve this! If you have any of these two types, a Water Pokémon will be relatively efficient ^ ^!

Brawly (Knuckle Badge)


1800 et TM08 Bulk Up

Once beaten, he offers the Knuckle Badge that allows you to control Pokémon exchanged up to level 30 to control the HM05 Flash!

Exit the arena and will treat you.
If you have time, go in the house right of center Pokémon. The man at the table will give you a Silk Scarf will increase the capacity of Normal-type Pokémon.
Now we have to give back the letter toSteven.
Your adventure has just begun!

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